[World News] Netizens React to Gravity Payments' $70K Minimum Salary Story

Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments, announced his buzz-inducing plan to raise the minimum salary for all his employees to $70,000 more than a year ago. His recent interview with Today was delivered to Korean netizens on Naver.

[Naver] $70K Minimum Salary for a Year...Outstanding Outcomes
Original source: Seoul Newspaper
Date: August 13, 2016

Referenced foreign article:
Gravity Payments' $70K minimum salary: CEO Dan Price shares result over a year later

Netizen Comments:

ska1****: [+5310, -123]
Only in dreams in Korea...
yome****: [Re: ska1****]
This is a unique story throughout the world. It's funny how you guys complain that this didn't happen in Korea.
sjss****: [Re: ska1****]
YOU can be the boss who initiates this. There are full of losers who have the "hand it over to me for free" mentality here.
dlck****: [+4011, -168]
Korean chaebols may have to learn from him.
jjhy****: [+3275, -99]
A sight we can't see in our country.
pret****: [+3097, -117]
Our country should learn from them.
prec****: [+2396, -364]
I absolutely oppose revision of the progressive tax scheme. I absolutely support abolition of it!!!! I heard Lotte evaded 600 billion won taxes? I wonder how much taxes other large companies might have evaded. Why is nobody talking about Woo Byung-woo's wife's family's suspicion of 500 billion won tax evasion? Why are progressive taxes imposed only on residential electricity use? Big companies get trillions of tax reduction on electricity. Why is the media so quiet about Samsung Lee Gun-hee's scandal? 5 million times 5 equals 25 million won...holy...I support the Minjoo, People's and Justice parties for raising corporate taxes~~
myju****: [Re: prec****]
The Minjoo and People's parties are okay but Justice Party that advocates Megalians should be buried into ground.
skdi****: [Re: prec****]
If you build your own transmission towers, you get tax reduction for electricity, too. You are a typical propagandist who shows trees but not a forest. If you learn a little bit about progressive taxation, you would quickly know who's receiving the benefits currently.
mctr****: [+266, -6]
I used to work for a company that paid me so little while the CEO was making a fortune. I remember what a partner company's executive said when my company's director tried to hand him a money envelope. "It seems your employees are struggling. Please take care of them first."
mctr****: [+266, -4]
He is a upright CEO who practices the ideal that running a business is to improve every employee's life. It tells us the importance of the right philosophy in business.
sson****: [+229, -6]
Who wouldn't work hard if they get paid so well? In Korea, they want multi-talented workers for little money so their productivity is low.
aper****: [+203, -2]
I want to applaud for his way of thinking!
jh2****: [+184, -3]
The entire world should be changed like them. Today, bears do all the tricks while some others take the coins.

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