[Featured] Netizens React to BBC Coverage of Korean 'Gamergate'

Megalian hand sign.

These days, there is hardly a day without Megalia or their sister groups such as Womad causing heated arguments in Korean online communities. Recently, the Nexon voice actress controversy reached the BBC News webpage. Notably, many Ruliweb users strongly complained about the article for failing to deliver impartial context. Ruliweb is a popular website for Korean gamers.

[BBC] South Korea gaming: How a T-shirt cost an actress her job

Blogger Emily Singh who was interviewed for the article commented: [Link]
I’ve been interviewed by the BBC for about thirty minutes regarding the recent Nexon incident and feminism in Korea in general. It’s interesting to see how news reporting works. I have to admit, the following quote isn’t what I’d have chosen to write out of that conversation, and it could use some elaborating, since the first sentence now makes it seem like I’ve had plastic surgery and that’s why I’ve taken my picture down – and it’s not clear why ‘Korean women are in such despair’.

"A blogger who writes under the pseudonym Emily Singh told the BBC she had taken her picture down from her own blog because she feared reprisals. She said that many Korean women were in such despair that they considered emigrating."

But I’m happy to see the BBC is taking interest in feminism in Korea.
We have also touched on the issues with Megalia before.

[Netizenception] What on earth is Megalia?
[Netizenception] Debunking the Origin Myth of Megalia

There is a long thread on Reddit, too. [Link]

[Ruliweb] Translation of the BBC News article about the Nexon voice actress issue
Date: August 15, 2016


Netizen Comments:

루리웹-7999659931: [+94]
As soon as it was revealed that the wench put out for a journalist to get to Steam Greenlight without any damn skills, she accused everyone who criticized her of misogyny. [Referring to the Gamergate controversy]
루리웹-1082530554: [+89]
When I said it happened because she spread her legs, I got down votes. Watch out for the stompers [Megalians/Womads].
루리웹-7999659931: [+106]
I didn't imagine a website worse than Ilbe would come out but it happened for real ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They outwardly claim they are for gender equality and women's rights but they attacked a Japanese female webtoon artist calling her *** and another female Naver webtoonist. They also called deceased veterans in the Korea War "meat party" ㅋㅋㅋ
▶◀파르아므르: [+31/-4]
No matter what kind of bullshit foreign media says, it is a domestic issue after all. They have no stake in this. It is fundamentally different from the Gamergate. Victims are persistently and completely destroying Megalians through legal procedures. It's been over a month already. The Gamergate came to nothing but we will see an end to this with continuously charged steam packs. The victims are clenching their fists to avenge.
Arimura Hinae4: [+35]
When the Pink Elephant holding a peaceful sign referencing Zutopia was abused by Womads and their supporters at the Gangnam station [Reddit], Womads rather tweeted to the director of Zutopia saying "Misogynists are harassing us!" Then the clueless director was like "Really? That is so bad!" This foreign journalist's handling of the issue reminds me of this.
frank thomas4: [+103]
Megalians and Womads say stuff like "Fucking kimchi men should be beaten to death" in high spirits among Koreans, brag about putting antifreeze in drinks for Korean men and make immoral jokes about their fathers. But they never show anything like that when they go whine to foreigners ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Maybe because they have to wag their tail with doe eyes in front of foreigners?
OZARIO: [+64]
So what if men are physically stronger than women... Who are more discriminated against in this situation where their propaganda and fabrications are taken seriously?
토쿠가와히데타다: [+36]
I don't know who the author is but he listened only to the Megalian side of the story. He covered it just like leftist media usually approaches such issues with the gender frame. Megalian Alex Song said blah blah. Korean feminists said blah blah. That's all. There is COMPLETELY no explanation for why Korean men and women oppose Megalia and Womad. After all, only some conservative media listens to Korean men.

[Ruliweb] Megalian Alex Song who reported to BBC is a Womad member
Date: August 16, 2016

I am the Wom bitch who reported the voice actress incident and Hitler4 Twitter account [parodying Megalia4] to British media. I was like woowoow when I saw the BBC article. I found some posts asking what happened with the reports to foreign media about the Hitler4 account. It was all my work FYI. At that time, I reported to BBC, Independent, Guardian, Huffington Post, etc. I reported the voice actress issue around mid July (July 19). I thought they have no interest because I had not received any response from them. I am so freaking wowowow surprised to see the article now.

I sent tips about a Korean man's Twitter account that mocks feminism using Hitler on July 24. BBC and Independent read it. Especially Independent read it 10 times from July 24 to 29. (Isn't that hopeful? Why would they read it over 10 times?) I did not receive any response about it, too.

Honestly even today I was thinking they would not write an article about both because I didn't get any reply. Seeing the BBC article about the voice actress, I guess they just do their own research to write an article without contacting me for questions.

Since the BBC article came out a month after I sent them tips, maybe they will publish an article about Korean men who use Hitler and Nazi to mock us, too, even if I don't get any reply. I can't be 100% sure but I'm just saying it is possible.

Anyway, I'm so happy my work has been rewarded. Although it is regretful that only one BBC article was published after I reported it to 5 or 6 media outlets. ㅠㅠ Still better than nothing pya pya

[Today Humor] American 'Death Note' actress Margaret Qualley advocates Megalia
Date: August 1, 2016

Netizen Comments:

나는4다: [+87/-5]
Now we have a foreign Megalian?
올리브열매: [+109/-6]
Radical feminism happened first in the West. Their responses were similar to ours. As a result, feminism went downhill but gender equalism got more support. Policies only for women disappeared and voices against overlooked discrimination against men grew, too. Beginning to impose military duty on both genders in the West is in this context. At this rate, we will soon see female conscripts in Korea, too.

I realize once again propaganda on social media is scary. It seems Korean leftists rise and fall with social media.
Damnation: [+15]
I guess winning through propaganda and fabrications isn't limited to Korea. I wonder how she would respond if she is asked to back up her comments with proof ㅋ
하드파이터: [+133]
Isn't she just being ignorant about the issue rather than being a Megalian? There may not be detailed reports about what's happening in Korea. She can't say like that if she knows what's up in details.

레몬_밤: [+118, in response to above]
It is possible that Megalians already reached out to foreigners first. They are well-known for being quick at taking actions. Anyway, she admits she doesn't know too much about Megalia, which is the usual case.

거래명세표: [+43, in response to 하드파이터]
There is a team called Egalite. Megalians make translations and spread them to foreigners.

졸린곰자리: [+88, in response to 하드파이터]
On 4chan and Reddit, Megalians post fabricated stories in English. Maybe she was confused after reading something like that first.

솔플매니아: [+18, in response to 하드파이터]
Whenever Megalians deliver their stories to foreigners, they always claim they are attacked for being feminists. They leave out their immoral deeds and cosplay as women's rights activists.

거래명세표: [+45]
There are loads of Koreans who don't know what's going on... What do you expect from foreigners...

스띠네: [+199]
Some Koreans don't understand what's happening in Korea. How can a foreigner understand it? There are just as many idiots in the US.

Mojo: [+47]
Well, we just don't need to watch her movies. "I don't know too much about the situation but it is all because of misogyny anyway..." We can see very well that such a profound way of thinking is prevalent in the West, too.

부릉부릉씨: [+80]
Please shut your mouth if you don't know well.

The following notice on the Womad homepage was captured on May 22, 2016. They are a closed female-only community that branched out from Megalia.


1. Shut up and lurk for at least 3 days before posting.

2. Don't be a finger princess. Search first before asking a question.

3. If you don't understand our terms, refer to our dictionary.
Ex: father & mother (X) > mother & father (O), menopause (X) > menocompletion (O)

4. We are not a women's rights activist group. We don't care about minorities' rights. We only care about women. Abandon your moral standards.

5. Even if you are a woman, we will attack you if you act like a Korean man bug.

6. In Womad, the default is female. Use a gender specifier for men.
Ex: male teacher, male doctor, male king, male police officer, male high school student, male soldier, male writer, etc.

7. Do not judge or rate women. Do not criticize prostitutes.

8. Do not suck up to men or defend them. Do not talk about your romantic relationship.
Ex: "My boyfriend is not a kimchi man." "He is a decent guy." "I'm dating a western man." "I am married." > We are a misandrist group. Don't talk about such things unless it is related to safe break-up or divorce.

9. You are not allowed to say things like "Everyone except me is a bad bitch" or "You are fucking tactless." Be careful.
Ex: "You guys behave like this because you've never met good men."

10. Don't write about using and dumping men when it is you who got dumped.
Ex: "I got 3 million won from dating him for 3 months and then dumped him. Cool?" > Cool only if you got something like a Banpo Xi apartment within 2 weeks. Otherwise, you will be ridiculed.

11. "Don't mock gays, grandpas, male babies, male disabled people and the deceased." > I told you to abandon your moral standards.

12. Don't write about politics or religions unless it is related to women's rights.
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