[World News] Netizens React to 1950s Pusan

Pusan Dong-gu in 1950s
Pusan Dong-gu in 2013

Australian family visited S.Korea for missionary in 1950s releases color pictures of Pusan in 1950s.

[Naver] Landscape of contemporary South Korea in the pictures taken by an Australian family
Original source: Yonhap News 
Date: September 5th, 2016
Old Pusan international air port in 1950s

Gimhae International Airport (Today's Pusan airport)

Pile dwelling town near Jagalchi Market in 1950s

Today's landscape near Jagalchi Market 

You may find more pics above link. 

Netizen Comments:

firs****: [+3520, -19]
Respect and big appreciation... Probably now in a good place. Old landscapes in the pictures are interesting. 
ddock****: [+2470, -22]
Thank you. Fell love with Korea. 
qaaz****: [+1909, -24]
From the pictures, I find out the footprint of contemporary Korea. Something I am not familiar with. Since it contains information about the lifestyle and landscape during the colonial period and Korean War. It is very valuable. This should be kept and well preserved for further study. 
 a183****: [+173, -1]
This makes me emotional. Our moms lived in that situation... 
 je96****: [+147, -1]
Pictures are very clear. Nice shots!!

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