Q: What does "Netizenception" mean?

A: It is a combination of "Netizen" and "Inception" (the movie). We originally had a plan to translate Korean netizens' comments on foreign netizens' comments about Korean affairs or Korean netizens' comments. We will see how it may work.

Q: What is this website for?

A: We intend to deliver various translation-based contents to English-speaking readers who want to keep up with what's trending on the Korean internet that may not be very visible to non-Korean speakers by translating various articles, blogs, forum posts and netizen comments. Our articles are not necessarily about the most trending topics for the day. As you may imagine about one of the most wired nations, there are a number of things going on at any given moment on the Korean internet. With our limited manpower, we focus on what we think our international audience might find interesting or new, which covers an extremely small fraction of the entire Korean online activities.

Q: How do you choose netizen comments?

A: When there is an active user voting system on the target website, we will choose the most highly up-voted comments. Sometimes, we will include a few additional comments that are informative, insightful or alternative even if they did not receive many votes. If there is no voting system, we will choose relevant and representative comments with our discretion. We would like to recreate a sense of back-to-back discussion whenever possible.


We do not claim our translations are without mistakes. Translations are often not literal. Some parts may also be omitted or slightly altered for redundancy or readability. However, we will do our best to deliver the main messages correctly.

We do not claim what we show on our website represents the most dominant views on the Korean internet. More often than not, netizen opinions are extremely polarized. It is usually difficult to gauge the general consensus.


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